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Deux nouvelles reconnaissances pour Louis Bernatchez (U. Laval) en 2016

Élu par l’American Fisheries Society au sein du « Genetics Section Hall of Excellence », Louis Bernatchez s’est également mérité le « Molecular Ecology Prize » 2016, remis par la revue scientifique du même nom.

Toutes nos félicitations à ce chercheur de grand talent!

Pour informations supplémentaires, voir ci-dessous.

1.    American Fisheries Society – Genetics Section Hall of Excellence – Dr. Louis Bernatchez

Dr. Louis Bernatchez has been a professor at Laval University in Québec (Canada) since 1995. Since 2006, he has led the Canadian Research Chair in Genomics and Conservation of Aquatic Resources. His research program aims to acquire fundamental knowledge on evolutionary processes responsible for generating and maintaining genetic diversity within and among populations. He is also an elected member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science as well as an elected member of the Royal Society of Canada. The most distinctive character of his research program lies in the integrative approach that combines the fields of quantitative and functional genomics, population genomics, bioinformatics, and ecology. Throughout his career Louis has been at the forefront of integrating the newest conceptual and analytical approaches to address consequential questions of both a basic and applied nature.  He has investigated the origin of species in novel environments and defined conservation and management units based on strong evolutionary criteria.  He has led numerous collaborative projects that have been funded by the most competitive programs in Canada and coordinated international teams involving many researchers from Canada and 20 other countries. Louis has trained over 140 students and Postdoctoral Fellows, the majority of whom now occupy high quality positions throughout the world. He has published numerous research articles, book chapters, and presented at scientific meetings world-wide.

2.    2016 Molecular Ecology Prize

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