Retrouvez dans cette section l'ensemble des articles et rapports scientifiques réalisés par les membres du RAQ ainsi que les thèses et mémoires produits par les diplomés du regroupement.

Articles scientifiques 2003

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  • Pernet F., R. Tremblay & E. Bourget. 2003. Settlement success, spatial pattern and behaviour of mussel larvae Mytilus spp. in experimental "downwelling" system of varying velocity and turbulence. Marine Ecology Progess Series 260: 125-140.
  • Pernet F., R. Tremblay & E. Bourget. 2003. Biochemical indicator of giant scallop ( Placopecten magellanicus ) quality based on lipid class composition. Part II: Larval growth, competency and settlement. Journal of Shellfish Research 22: 377-388.
  • Pernet F., R. Tremblay & E. Bourget. 2003. Biochemical indicator of giant scallop ( Placopecten magellanicus ) quality based on lipid class composition. Part I: Broodstock conditioning and young larvae performance. Journal of Shellfish Research 22: 365-375.
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  • Naylor S., J. Brisson, M.-A. Labelle, A. Drizo & Y. Comeau. 2003. Treatment of fish farm effluent in Canada using CWS – Highlighting the role of plants and subtrate in nutrients removal. Water Science and Technology 48: 215-222.
  • Martínez M., H. Guderley, J.-D. Dutil, P.D. Winger & S.J. Walsh. 2003. Condition, prolonged swimming performance and muscle metabolic capacities of cod ( Gadus morhua ). Journal Experimental Biology 206: 503-511.
  • Lemieux H., N.R. Le François & P.U. Blier. 2003. The early ontogeny of digestive capacity and energy metabolism of two commercial strains of Arctic charr ( Salvelinus alpinus ). Journal of Experimental Zoology 299A: 151-160.
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  • Lafrance M., G. Cliche, G.A. Haugam & H. Guderley. 2003b. Comparison of cultured and wild sea scallops, Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin 1791) using behavioral responses, morphometric and biochemical indices. Marine Ecology Progress Series 250: 183-195.
  • Labbé N., S. Parent & R. Villemur. 2003. Addition of trace metals increases denitrification rate in closed marine system. Water Research 37: 915-921.
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